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Roger Rohrbach
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Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
American Battlefield Trust, Washington, DC

Created a schema for information pertaining to Civil War battlefields and recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Built an API supporting location-based queries in support of a map-based browsing application.

Technology employed: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GraphQL, Node, Heroku

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
The American Chestnut Foundation, Asheville, NC

Managed and contributed to the development of dentataBase, an online repository of data related to breeding, planting and restoration, used by the Foundation and its partners in support of their mission to restore the American chestnut tree:

  • Instituted Scrum and related practices; served as ScrumMaster
  • Designed and helped implement a role-based access control system
  • Built a bulk CSV data import facility
  • Added filtered search functionality
  • Added support for tracking of and planting from cloned material

Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Theo, San Francisco, CA

Built Web services in support of a mobile platform for real estate agents and their clients:

  • Enhanced MLS replication service with agent, broker tour and open house data
  • Extended service to support multiple realtor associations and MLSes
  • Added geocoding of property addresses, processing of deleted listings, search API
  • Created single sign-on for mobile and Web applications

Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, libRETS, Grape, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3)

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (now
Power to Decide), Washington, DC

Developed content and data management features for Bedsider, an online birth control support network for young women:

  • Maintained and enhanced SMS-based health care appointment and birth control reminder service
  • Converted SMS infrastructure from Ericsson IPX to Twilio
  • Built a portal for health care providers, allowing them to register patients, create appointments and schedule reminders on their behalf
  • Added functions for creating, managing and displaying site content: articles, banners/billboards, FAQ questions, user-contributed photos, e-cards etc.
  • Built location-based clinic search function
  • Added record linkage/de-duping to clinic data ingestion system
  • Added authenticated access, account administration functions and analytics to API

Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, Grape, Resque

Roger Rohrbach
Fanzy, Paris, France / San Francisco, CA

Managed and contributed to the development of a Facebook application enabling artists, brands et al. to enlist their fans in social marketing efforts and reward them for their participation:

  • Staffed and managed the development team
  • Instituted Scrum and related practices
  • Managed the infrastructure
  • Built asynchronous services to process real-time updates from Facebook, automatically post messages on Facebook Page walls, award and revoke badges, distribute rewards, compile statistics etc.
  • Developed a sentiment analyzer employing the AFFIN affective lexicon

Technology employed: PHP, beanstalkd, MongoDB, Ruby, Rails, elasticsearch, Python, Amazon Web Services

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Theo, San Francisco, CA

Built a data replication service in support of a mobile application for realtors, providing retrieval of property listings and photos from multiple listing services via the RETS protocol, and cloud storage & synchronization of application data.

Technology employed: Ruby, libRETS, CouchDB, Amazon Web Services

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Smartdate, Paris, France

Project management and development for an online dating service:

  • Instituted Scrum: trained product managers and developers in key practices, roles and responsibilities; helped create product backlog for site relaunch and served as ScrumMaster
  • Managed the outsourced development of a user search service, built with the Sphinx full-text search engine and Paste: designed the REST API, wrote acceptance tests using Rspec and worked with developers to improve the quality of search results.
  • Automated the search service infrastructure on Amazon EC2 using Chef
  • Coded Web application features against the search service API, using Ruby on Rails and jQuery
Roger Rohrbach
Acting CTO
Trumpet (later Ness Computing), San Francisco, CA
  • Architected a publish/subscribe platform and API for the real-time Web. Messages were ingested from various sources (e.g., Twitter) as well as entered directly, classified by content and/or metadata and tagged after entity extraction and sentiment analysis. Users could create standing queries on the aggregate message stream, remix and re-broadcast content in public or private channels.
  • Prototyped system using Rack, Sinatra, ActiveMQ and various Web service APIs

This project was the result of an invitation to pitch a new product idea, extended to the development team at Kinfo by that company's investors following its dissolution. The company ultimately received funding for a personalized search application, and was subsequent acquired by OpenTable.

Roger Rohrbach
Director of Engineering
Kinfo, San Francisco, CA

Managed the development of a consumer photo-sharing service uniquely suited to family photos, combining genealogy, social networking and asset management techniques to provide a collaborative online family album:

  • Selected the technology (Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flash, Amazon Web services)
  • Hired and managed the developers
  • Established the process (Scrum and selected Extreme Programming (XP) practices, including test-driven development and continuous integration) and oversaw execution
  • Pair-programmed features with developers
  • Managed QA, deployment and infrastructure
Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Levanta (formerly Linuxcare), San Mateo, CA
10/06 10/0610/06

Developed a secure partner portal for Linux server management appliance vendor, using Ruby on Rails. Portal administrator can create, update, activate or deactivate partner accounts. Partners can log in, change account settings, access restricted content and register sales opportunities.

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Wild Brain Animation Studios (now Wild Brain Entertainment), San Francisco, CA

Led the development of a production management system for animated commercials, television shows and films, using XP throughout:

  • Created product roadmap, project charter and development plan
  • Selected technical platform (Python, TurboGears)
  • Worked with Product Manager to develop user stories
  • Pair-programmed most features with one other developer
Roger Rohrbach
Software Engineer (contract)
Fluid, San Francisco, CA

Developed a factory automation system for use in manufacturing "mass-customized" athletic shoes, as part of the Webby-nominated YourReebok service. Orders are received from the consumer Web site as XML messages. Items are queued for manufacture at one or more factories. Operators can initiate, suspend and resume manufacturing workflows, record completed manufacturing steps, annotate items, request shipping authorization from FedEx, print packing slips and ship orders. The system is localized for Chinese and English speakers in different time zones and supports multiple vendors, factories and product lines. Built with PHP and Smarty, this software was the key technical asset in the acquisition of Confego, the Reebok subcontractor for whom it was developed, by Zazzle in April 2007.

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Riverdeep (now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), San Francisco, CA

Evaluated commercially available and custom development solutions for an assessment authoring tool and run-time engine for Riverdeep's second-generation Learning Management System. Prepared requirements matrix, participated in RFP process, attended vendor presentations, graded solutions, audited for compliance with e-learning standards (QTI, SCORM) and summarized/presented options. A vendor was selected based on my final report.

Roger Rohrbach
Program Manager (contract)
Shared Media Licensing, Seattle, WA

Managed the development of version 3 of Weed, the first incentive-based digital media economy, in which consumers were paid to redistribute music files. Prepared functional specification and use cases, collaborated on user interface design, tested prototypes, researched and resolved technical issues.

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Palma VFX, San Francisco, CA

Designed and built a Web application for computer graphics industry staffing, using PHP & MySQL. Applicants can create profiles online, upload resumes; firm can search, review and annotate profiles, accept or reject candidates etc.

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
FutureTrax, Seattle, WA

Constructed a digital audio catalog for online music retailer specializing in electronic/dance genres:

  • Created sophisticated data model supporting arbitrary playlists as products, multiple download formats and territory licensing restrictions, with extensible associations between artists, tracks and genres
  • Designed content integration system for importing and associating metadata and audio, encoding downloadable tracks and inserting into catalog
Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Worldwide Lexicon, San Francisco, CA
4/04 4/044/04

Built a Web service implementing the Dictionary Server Protocol, using Perl.

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
SONY Electronics, San Francisco, CA

Improved development tools and productivity on the Super Audio CD project:

  • Fixed dependency generation bug in unsupported third-party IDE written in Tcl
  • Created and documented a template and process for using the IDE in conjunction with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe to manage multiple development projects
  • Created wrapper scripts for querying workspace and project data from the UNIX shell
Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
CNET, San Francisco, CA

Helped the Site Operations department gain increased control over the process of deploying software to CNET's numerous Web sites:

  • Conducted an assessment of software testing, delivery and maintenance activities; compiled and prioritized findings; produced a report with recommendations
  • Established an inter-departmental working group devoted to process improvement
  • Prepared a Request for Proposal and organized vendor meetings leading to the selection of a software deployment tool
Roger Rohrbach
Manager of Software Development (now Betfair), London, UK

Organized and managed the software development effort for the world's first person-to-person on-line betting service. In the first 9 months:

  • established the technical infrastructure (source code control, development and QA server environments)
  • hired 6 developers
  • created standards for data modeling and software design documentation
  • established design review, release and maintenance procedures
  • directly managed development of the first major site revision
  • worked with Product Managers and Technical Leads to deliver 6 subsequent feature releases

Challenges included: unclear division of responsibilities between the Vice President of Engineering, CTO, Chief Architect and myself; geographical separation of the development team from the Product Managers and unstable product requirements.

In the second 9 months:

  • helped move our SF-based development team to London, retaining almost all development staff
  • hired 3 more developers
  • introduced use cases and XP practices (refactoring, unit testing, continuous integration and automated nightly builds)
  • led the development of an entirely new service, which increased revenues by 40% in its first week of operation

Challenges included: distraction of transatlantic move and loss of our QA department, integration of the SF and UK teams; complete revision of business model and concomitant urgent necessity to overtake a competitor that had already built a product. The company subsequently merged with this competitor and the business was valued at £1.4 billion in its initial public offering.

Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Developed a content management system for sports betting site:

  • Created relational database and XML schema
  • Built an import tool in Perl for news and other content supplied by third parties
  • Created administrative and publishing tools for third-party and editorial content using Java Server Pages
Roger Rohrbach
Independent Consultant
Orange Design, San Francisco, CA

Developed and documented the first Flash Player Detection Kit under contract to Macromedia, Inc. (now Adobe). This is a comprehensive solution for detecting the Flash Player on a Web client and controlling the user experience when it has not been installed or is out of date.

Roger Rohrbach
Software Engineer (contract)
CDDB (now Gracenote), Berkeley, CA

Improved the reliability and performance of the CDDB music metadata service:

  • Reworked server memory management and error handling code
  • Built an interactive client in C for troubleshooting the service
  • Developed a test language and interpreter in Perl with iterative, periodic and random query execution features. This was used for regression testing and service monitoring.
Roger Rohrbach
Senior Software Engineer
Tippett Studio, Berkeley, CA

Helped transform Phil Tippett's stop-motion animation studio into a full-service digital visual effects company, while the studio was producing VFX shots for feature films including Starship Troopers and Armageddon. Responsible for digital asset management, production tracking tools and automation of the production pipeline.

  • Established standard file system layout for production
  • Defined procedures for setup of new productions and shots, and a protocol for scanning and processing live-action plates
  • Created tools for setup, maintenance and navigation of workspaces, and for managing multiple "takes" (revisions)
  • Developed an object-oriented framework in Perl for production management applications. Data are stored in the UNIX file system, metadata in a relational database. Programs communicate with the database through a persistent object interface. Key artifacts of the production process (3D scenes, photographic or rendered image sequences, rendering control files, etc.) are modeled as classes.
  • Developed applications using this framework:
    • – a system for publishing, browsing and retrieval of work products
    • – a Web-based browser, selector and manager for photographic elements used in compositing
    • – on-line film output and dailies screening request forms
    • – rendering setup tools
    • – automated backup and archival of production data to offline storage
Roger Rohrbach
Web Developer (contract)
The SoftAd Group (now ChannelNet), Mill Valley, CA

As the sole UNIX developer contracted by this firm with no previous Web experience to help launch the Ford Motor Company's Web site:

  • Set up the in-house development server, established protocol for upload to the client, mapped out the site architecture and coordinated the work of copy editors, artists, and HTML coders. The initial site went live in just six weeks.
  • Wrote CGI programs in Perl: dealer locator, budget planner, lease vs. finance calculator, and dynamic page generator for "virtual showroom"
  • Developed the "Mercury Sable Virtual Giveaway," one of the first on-line sweepstakes promotions on the Web
Roger Rohrbach
Quality Assurance Manager
Xaos Tools, San Francisco, CA

Managed a four-person staff testing and validating visual effects software on Silicon Graphics, Macintosh and PC platforms. Our group produced test plans, built testing tools, performed white-box and hardware configuration testing, wrote release notes, created installers, prepared master media and performed first article inspections.

Roger Rohrbach
Software Process Engineer
Wind River, Alameda, CA
  • Helped create a target support package and host development environment for the VxWorks real-time operating system. Integrated the GNU compilation tools with this product.
  • Designed and implemented a framework (based on PCTE) and tool set supporting configuration management, change control, process automation, and tool integration. Built a software manufacturing system using this framework.
  • Established software life-cycle procedures for initial product specification, project baseline creation, software change inspection and approval, remote development integration, Engineering release to QA and product manufacturing
  • Designed processes for software configuration management in compliance with ISO 9000-3 and ANSI/IEEE 828-1990 standards, and level 2 of the SEI Capability Maturity Model
  • Drafted ISO 9001-compliant procedures for document control for company-wide use. The company subsequently received ISO 9001 certification.
Roger Rohrbach
Member of Technical Staff
Relational Technology (Ingres), Alameda, CA
  • Ported the Ingres relational database management system to various UNIX platforms
  • Helped develop an automated software porting toolkit (hailed as ground-breaking by Geoffrey Moore in his book Crossing the Chasm)
  • Designed a driver and language for regression testing, based on "send/expect" I/O sequences, anticipating the popular testing tool Expect
  • Designed and helped implement a software change control and configuration management tool. Improvements over previous systems include: a client-server architecture, distributed operation in a heterogeneous environment, view-based configuration management and a semantic revision control model. This work is described in Rohrbach, R. & Seiwald, C. "Galileo: A Software Maintenance Environment," Proc. International Workshop on Software Version & Configuration Control, Grassau, FRG, 1988 (B.G. Teubner, Stuttgart). My co-author subsequently founded Perforce Software, which markets a commercial product incorporating many of these innovations.


Studied piano and music theory at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennysylvania. Attended lectures in computer science at the Oregon Graduate Center (now defunct), Beaverton, Oregon.

Professional Affiliations

Roger Rohrbach Senior Member of the ACM. Roger Rohrbach Voting Member of SIGSOFT. Roger Rohrbach Signatory of the Agile Manifesto.


Music-making and record production.


Furnished upon request.